What's New at Bridges?

Something's always happening!


Cordeck Builders Invigorates our Back Yard!

Through the generosity of Ken Moore of Cordeck Builders and the hard work and creativity of his crew, they have given us a leveled clean seating area behind our building!

New Benches Made To Last!

The Cordeck Crew created new benches that are made to last and can't be taken easily! They're perfect for our needs!


New Gas Grill Too!

The addition of a new gas grill means we'll have plenty of great cook outs next summer! And the staff even got new office chairs. THANK YOU SO MUCH CORDECK BUILDERS!!

Bridges Community Center is forever grateful to those members of our Kenosha community who have stepped forward to help us in our fight against the stigma of mental illness and substance abuse. It is because of people like Ken Moore and the crew at Cordeck that Kenosha is such a wonderful place!