• Mary Lindqvist

Darker days but warmer hearts

As we head into the cold, dark days of winter, I am getting excited for the coming holidays and also struck with thoughts of how we have been impacted by the kindness of people in our community. This year Bridges Community Center has been touched by so many who have reached out to show us that all of us in recovery matter. Every time we made the call, Kenosha stepped up and donated, worked something out, built something and just showed us that we mattered.

I'm not sure that those who helped can fully understand the importance of their actions. People living in recovery often live in the shadows of stigma and fear of allowing others to know of their illness. At Bridges, we try to help individuals gain insight into their illness and embrace their recovery. We help them find their voice to speak up for themselves. Once they can talk about their journeys they are able to find a new freedom in their lives and the stigma begins to fall away. When the community we live in begins to see us at part of the community, we begin to see our own self worth and realize that we can move forward and live our best lives.

Through kind gestures, donations, volunteerism, and inclusion, this year our Kenosha community embraced us in a way that we haven't previously felt. So thank you, Kenosha! We're feeling the warmth and looking toward brighter days!

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