• Mary Lindqvist

Grounding Tips for Anxiety in 5 Steps

Anxiety disorders are possibly the most diagnosed disorders in the United States right now, followed closely by depressed. Anxiety and the building panic that often accompanies it, can be horrible. The physical feeling of being disoriented, heart pounding, sweating, and mind racing a hundred miles per minute is terrifying. It is a manageable disorder, however, with the right combination of medication, meditation, counseling and self-care.

But what do you do when you feel that anxious feeling? That moment when your anxiety begins to rise up and the panic sets in. Grounding is a technique that you can do when you feel those symptoms start that will help you take back control. Here is a simple 5 step grounding technique that really works!

At the first sign of anxiety:

5. Think of 5 things you can see. Label them in your mind. Focus on them to make them real in your thoughts.

4. Think of 4 things you can feel. Touch them if you can. Again, label them in your mind. Focus on how they feel.

3. Think of things you can hear. Focus on the sounds around you. Identify them if you can. Focus on the sounds, label them.

2. Think of things you can smell. Focus on what you can smell around you. Label them if you can. Again, focus on the smells.

1. Think of things you can taste. Focus on something you can taste, something you might have eaten recently, or will eat soon. Label it in your mind. Breathe.

If you take the time to do all five of these steps and truly focus on each one by the time you get to step 1 you will have calmed down significantly, feeling your anxiety begin to subside. Try it! It really works!

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