• Mary Lindqvist

We Need a Little Christmas...Or What You Will...

This time of year can bring many emotions. For some, it's a time of joy and memories of home and hearth. For others, those memories are harder to take or may not exist at all. The idea that we all have the Hallmark holidays is a myth and, truth is, some feel an intense loneliness and depression at this time of year. The sight of glistening Christmas lights and the forced anticipation of happy gatherings can bring on anxiety and panic. For me, Christmas has always been a time of happiness and family and, I know, I am extremely blessed to have that in my life. But family does not always have to be those to which you were born. Families come in all varieties. Family can be those you choose and those who choose you. There are people in my life I choose to be around that I love deeply and I consider to be as close as family. At this time of year they are as important to me as those I am related to by blood. Opening your heart and mind to others will broaden your idea of family and can break the cycle of thinking you are alone or rejected. There are plenty of places to volunteer at this time of year which is always a great way to meet people and put yourself out there to experience a new kind of joy.

In these dark days of winter, when it can be difficult to motivate ourselves, especially when faced with the constant barrage of holiday commercials and movies, it is even more important to make the effort to get out there. Do something for someone else. Get out of our own heads. Reach out to someone else. Choose another family! And soon you'll see by wishing others Peace on Earth you will have the happiest holiday of all!

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