• Mary Lindqvist

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I've heard that old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" my whole life. I know it means try to make the best out of bad situation but sometimes I think about it and I'd rather throw those lemons back! I mean, why not? I think we go through life with people telling us how to feel or what to feel (or not feel) sometimes and, frankly, that can be as dangerous and misguided as allowing yourself to over feel those emotions. The truth is sometimes life makes you mad! It hands you a bum deal. You get in a fender bender or you get fired or your boyfriend cheats on you or you just stub your toe and it makes you MAD!

So go ahead and feel it. Let it out! Of course, there are ways to do that that are appropriate. You certainly wouldn't go out and punch someone in the chops or burn down your house because you stubbed your toe! Or for any other reason, for that matter. But squelching our feelings only hurts ourselves in the long run so let it out! Scream into a pillow or punch that pillow if you must! Whatever you do, don't let the lemony bad feelings fester! Throw them back! And go and get yourself some chocolate or for a walk or watch a movie or whatever cheers you up best. You deserve it. We all do!

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